Gunnar Vayper Glasses

Gunnar Optik‘s Vayper glasses are a great-looking pair of gaming glasses in my opinion. As with all gaming glasses, the Gunnar Vaypers help your in-game vision a lot by providing a better contrast and less distractions on your screen. They also protect your eyes from too much artificial screen light of course. Gunnar Vaypers are made of high tensile steel with an onyx frame finish that looks really elegant as well. The flexible arms of the glasses will make them “stick” to your head, so you will not have to rearrange them during an important play in League of Legends or CS:GO. Because of this flexibility they fit to many different head shapes without problems. Additionally wearing a headset on top of them is no problem as well.

Professional players in League of Legends seem to have the Gunnar Vayper as one of their favorite set of gaming glasses. We’ve seen them quite often on players of professional LCS teams in the past seasons!

Gunnar Vayper Features

Gunnar Vayper glasses have the following features:

  • 58 millimeter lens width
  • 15 millimeter bridge width
  • 130 millimeter temple length
  • i-AMP technology with an amber lens tint for sharper vision
  • Made of high tensile steel with flexible arms
  • Headset compatibility

About Gunnar Optiks

Gunnar Optiks is the company that manufactures the famous Gunnar Vayper glasses. They are only producing eyewear specifically for gamers or IT professionals that spend lots of time in front of their PC.

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Gunnar Vayper

Face shape: Medium
Magnification: Yes
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