Do Gaming Glasses work?

Perhaps the most asked question about eSports eyewear is:

Do Gaming Glasses work?

If you’re also asking this question to yourself, let me shed some light on this topic for you! I am a competitive gamer since 1999, having won multiple championships in Unreal Tournament. Today I’m spending my time playing League of Legends or Diablo 3, still loving gaming like on day one.

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They look really stylish – but do gaming glasses work?

What should Gaming Glasses do?

Before determining if gaming glasses work we first have to determine what they are supposed to do! Manufacturers of Gaming Glasses like Gunnar Optiks state that they have two major benefits for every gamer:

1. Allow better Performance in your Game

Gamer Glasses have a distinct yellow tint to their lenses. The reason behind that is that these lenses increase the contrast of your sight. With this increased contrast you will have a more detailed view of the virtual battlefield that improves your reaction time. By also magnifying your view by 0.20 you also have a better focus on your game character all the time. If you’re also playing in a room with a window (some nerd cellars are known to have these) good gamer glasses will reduce reflections and screen glare. You could say they also reduce distractions from your gaming by doing that.

2. Protect your Eyes from Damage

The second big advantage that gaming glass manufacturers claim is that they are actually good for your health! Computer screen light is artificial light, and your eyes are not made for that. They are made to work under natural lighting you would find in the nature (the big screen outside of your window – again, if you have one). If you’re gaming all night you might be familiar with issues like headaches, insomnia or dry eyes. Gaming glasses and their tinted lenses are made to filter out the artificial blue screen light and by thus reduce all the symptoms mentioned before.
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So – Do Gamer Glasses work?

After a year of using my Gunnar Optiks Vayper I can draw an experienced conclusion here if they work. I mainly bought them for the second reason: health issues. As I was spending more than eight hours a day in front of my computer screen I often had headaches at night, as well as insomnia. This is just normal though: bright computer screen light makes your brain think that it’s pure daylight and not time to sleep. This is why after long gaming sessions your body will not be able to sleep right away very often, even if you’re tired.

So I gave these Gunnar Gaming Glasses a shot and checked if they actually do work. After a week of wearing them I realized that my health troubles related to my gaming addiction have actually been gone. No more dry eyes, no more headaches, no more lying-awake-in-bed-trying-to-sleep. Concerning the health benefits I really have to conclude: yes, gaming glasses do really work!

But what about the benefits to your game? Well although I got my gaming glasses for health reasons, I also experienced the positive aspects that manufacturers claim on their website. The yellow tint is new at the start, but you quickly get used to it and I automatically felt more focused. The yellow tint and stronger contrast is something to get used to first, but I quickly felt the benefits of gamer glasses. You will definitely note the difference in a positive way!

Conclusion: Gamer Glasses do work

As a conclusion of my initial question (and the doubts that I had) I have to clearly say: yes, gamer glasses actually do their job really well. They are no marketing instrument for eSports professionals, but a proper tool to protect your eyes and improve your game!

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