Which Pro-Gamers use Gaming Glasses?

Most of you might have had their first contact with gaming glasses when seeing professional gamers using them. If you also play League of Legends like me, you see players nearly every week during LCS or their streams on Twitch. Many of these eSports professionals will wear their gaming glasses when playing there, to protect their eyes and improve their game performance.

League of Legends players that use Gamer Glasses

  • TSM Dyrus
  • TSM Wildturtle
  • C9 Meteos
  • CRS Xpecial
  • G2 Ocelote
  • FNC Araneae

StarCraft players that use Gamer Glasses

  • iNcontroL
  • Machine
  • PuMa

Halo players that use Gamer Glasses

  • Bravo
  • Neighbor
  • SK
  • Elamite Warrior
  • Goofy

Which Gaming Glasses do Pro-Gamers use?

Nearly all of the eSports professionals I’ve seen with gaming glasses actually use glasses of Gunnar Optiks. They all trust their “Gunnars” the most as their build quality and durability is among the best on the market. Which model of Gunnar Optiks’ product range they chose is just a matter of personal preference. The lenses are the same on all of them. As with all glasses, each Gunnar model is made for a specific head shape. The Gunnar PPK is designed for wider faces, whereas the Gunnar Haus is for narrow head shapes.

gunnar vayper gaming gear

Gunnar Vayper

Face shape: Medium
Magnification: Yes
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